Start Something BIG!!

Steps to Becoming a Mentor:

Step 1: Fill out an application

Step 2: Take online training

Step 3: Be interviewed by our staff

That’s it – then we match you with a child – and the fun begins.


Apply here


Our volunteers (Bigs) tell us that they get as much, or more, out of their match than their “Littles” do.
Be a Mentor because it helps a child – Stay a Mentor because it’s one of the most rewarding things you will ever do in your life. One hour a week can make a HUGE difference in the life of a child.

Mentors work with our children either in our Community Based Program – where the mentor sees the child outside of the school environment, going to parks, museums, movies, or just hanging out together; or in our School Based Program – where the mentor sees the child only within the school environment during the school day or an afterschool program, usually meeting in the library or media center or other area designated by school personnel.

Volunteer pools are vitally important to the success of the agency.  We value and respect these sources of volunteer referral, taking care to priority match volunteers from the following groups with our Littles.

First Mentors – This program unites college students with children in a need of a caring friend.  Students at Mercer University, Fort Valley State University, Middle Georgia State University, Georgia College and State University, Wesleyan College, and Central Georgia Technical College  currently participate in this program.  Register here, or watch for us on your campus during Volunteer Recruitment Fairs.

High School Bigs – This program utilizes High School “Bigs” by matching with “Littles” at nearby Elementary Schools for the duration of a school year. As in the School-Based Mentoring Program, all contact between match participants is made on school grounds only and requires a commitment of 45-60 minutes a week.  This program is being utilized by some high schools by the ninth grade graduation coaches to encourage high school students to stay in school by being important in the school life of a younger child.  Contact your school counselor if you are interested in being a High School Big!

“Bigs with Badges’ – Law enforcement personnel are matched with elementary age youth primarily in the school setting – providing positive role models for the youth as well as placing our law enforcement personnel in positive community settings to help improve and strengthen community relations.